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Maanshan Huada Metallurgical & Machinery Co., Ltd. is the production and study of heat-resistant, impact resistant alloy casting professional manufacturers, business is characterized as "fine, special, unique"; product is characterized by "high-volume, multi-species", to adapt the market economy. Each year more than 5,000 tons of lead products in the metallurgy, machinery, construction, cement, mining, transportation, automotive and other industries widely used.
Maanshan Huada Metallurgical & Machinery Co., Ltd. in the fierce market competition, to achieve steady development, rely on market-oriented, quality of life, relying on technological innovation. Market research, while not forgetting to improve quality, and to keep the capital investment to ensure the successful implementation of technology projects to improve product quality, expand market share. Market economy, sympathy for the weak, but not reckless portrait on the face of corporate competition for survival, and more rely on reason and wisdom, not too big, but done well, do not plan short-lived, but to spring, the goal is still is the towering trees.
Constitute the product of many factors in wear, the majority of variables. In addition to wear the company has its own Institute, but also with a number of institutions outside the province, colleges and universities to carry out technical cooperation, the advanced technology, technology into productive forces, the unique characteristics of products to a variety of materials to resist wear and tear on them. Now we are always seeking high quality products, excellent service into the market, sincere welcome and thank new and old customers and we work together to create a better future!

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